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Adelia – The Shackles of Flowers manga read online on 아델리아 – 꽃의 속박 / Adelia – Flower’s Bondage The Gerrard family has been loyal to the royal family for 1,000 years. But the royal family returned that loyalty for thousands of years with a slap in the face. Adelia Gerard, who lost all her family, lineage and loved ones to the crown prince. She fell asleep while determined to take revenge on the crown prince who killed a loved one. When she opened her eyes, she saw the dead living in front of her eyes. “Dream?” No, this is an opportunity for Adelia. A hidden secret. Can she change everything and live happily ever after? “Do you want to live with me? If you agree, I will take good care of you” “Yes?” The story is about a man pretending to be a bear and a cute girl who thinks she is a fox. 아델리아 – 꽃의 속박 Adelia – The Shackles of Flowers.