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Baby Pharmacist Princess manga read online on Mangastic! Just by clicking the wrong button, I ended up possessing the game’s princess character, “Cherise”! Yoon Che-ri, a graduate of a pharmaceutical university. Like the so-called ‘hardcore gamer’ she is, She unexpectedly appears in the VR game she plays every day. A red rabbit puts her in debt to the game, owing 10 billion gems… If she doesn’t repay the debt of 10 billion gems, she won’t be able to log out? ♡ Surprise Quest Triggered ♡ User’s ability confirmed as “Pharmaceuticals,” customized settings have been completed accordingly. Future quests will focus on “Pharmaceuticals.” [Confirm] ◀ Huh? Why do I feel excessively capable…? If things go on like this, I might be able to return soon! Will Cherise really be able to settle the 10 billion gem debt and return to her original world?.