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Becoming You manga – Becoming You manhwa – Becoming You free read at Alternatives: Circumstances of Switching Bodies/ Circumstances of Changing Bodies / 몸이 바뀌는 사정 In the spicy novel “The Cursed Crown Prince,” Prince Frederick is struck with a curse that causes him to switch bodies with any woman he spends the night with. This brings misfortune to the Chandler family, who is unfairly executed for treason when the royal physician, Cedric Chandler, fails to cure the prince. So the heroine knows she’s in trouble when she wakes up as Irenia, the daughter of the Chandler family. Luckily, she also knows about the magic potion that can lift the curse, and seduces the cold Frederick to switch bodies with him. Once she feeds him the potion and gets her body back, “Irenia” thinks her problems are solved for good. But not long after she bids the prince goodbye, the two start switching bodies again at random times! And the only way for them to switch back is to spend the night with each other….