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Everything is Under the Baby’s Feet manga read online on Mangastic! As the beloved princess of the Kingdom of Tyrian, I was the revered star of the kingdom, but I was killed in vain. I thought that was the end… Did you break the egg? “wealth!” “Oh my God, my God! What kid from the egg!” In the form of a very small child that only a bizarre babbling can do. “Ow! right!” * And a new family was formed. “Our lovely youngest daughter Leticia. You tame all the men in this house!” My mother, Beth, with a sunny smile, “Not the Archduke, not the Father. Call me Daddy. Ah. Dad.” Archduke Cassius, who pretends to be blunt but is actually kind, “There is no such thing as your boyfriend, Leticia. You’ll soon forget it’s an alto or something. Sasha is only close with her brother. Understand?” After my brother Dmitry, who is an imperial genius who only comes out once in a thousand years, but is just jealous in front of me. “So, the naughty one came to my house as my birthday present. So that means it’s mine.” Kylus, a troublemaker of the same age who calls me ugly, but says he likes me. “Nunna! Tisha! Joa! Hyung-ah, Shirae. Go away.” Even the cute youngest Rayleigh who only follows me. Everyone loves me so much! I wanted to live in peace like that… Was there a secret in the death of my previous life? “I found it. The child of prophecy.” Whatever it is, I have to put everything under my feet. Everything’s Under The baby’s Feet / Everything’s Under The baby’s Feet / Everything is Under the Baby’s Feet / Everything is Under the Baby’s Feet / 모든 건 아기님 발 아래.