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Read manhwa Exclusive Maid Of The Evil Empress on Mangazik. Became the exclusive maid of the notorious empress. But what about the bad girl? The Empress is nothing but a petulant cat, and strangely she likes me. “Your Majesty, I don’t need to make my social debut.” “If you’re noble, you should make your official social debut at the ball. There’s nothing else to care about. Because I’m here.” ……I don’t want to make a social debut or anything. The empress quickly examined my appearance and even caught my scattered hair. I think the role of the maid-in-law and the empress has changed, but it’s probably because of their feelings, right? “If you show up holding the crown prince’s hand, it’ll be the best social debut ever. It’s a moment that every aristocratic spirit in the system dreams of.” I don’t dream! I glanced, speechless. Towards the crown prince, the greatest beauty of the empire called the work of art in human masks. Dressed up by the empress, a maid dancing her debut dance with the crown prince. What the hell is going on here?.