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Read Half of Me manga – manhwa update free at Mangazik..Com From 7 AM to 7 PM, I have to live in someone else’s body for 12 hours…?! Due to a car accident, Taekin, a teenager in high school, and Heechan have switched souls. Due to this, Heechan’s vegetable business, to which he’s dedicated his entire life is in trouble! In order to recover his body, Heechan heads to Taekin’s school… ‘That gym teacher, why is he here…?’ He sees his old classmate, ‘The ultimate nice guy’, working as the school’s gym teacher. Heechan excitedly tries to ask for help but… ‘Kim Taekin, bend over.’ This… This isn’t it…?! Will Heechan be able to recover his body through this difficult journey?.