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Read How to Hide the Emperor’s Child manhwa free online How to Hide the Emperor’s Child / 황제의 아이를 숨기는 방법 “You never loved me anyway, right?” Astelle’s long-awaited marriage life ended in a day. She worked hard to become Kaizen’s wife since she was ten, but the only thing that was left for her was the stigma of an empress. She was abandoned by the royalty; the man she loved, Kaizen, wanted her to leave. “Yes. You’re right. I didn’t love you.” Astelle lied for the last time. The man was the reason for her life, but it was also for the sake of the man who was her husband for a day. She thought there would be no contact with him again, but- “I think… I might be pregnant?” *** Six years later, Astelle, who reunited with Kaizen, lied again. “You… who is that child?” “He’s my nephew.” To protect the child. (Summary from NovelUpdates).