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※ This novel contains disturbing and oppressive relationships. …I ignored the warning and delved into the high-level trashy novel. However, to my surprise, it’s the ultimate edition of the insane trash that’s hell-bent on tormenting the female lead! So I left a review. [I can’t stand it because of the sweet potatoes -_-] But, just then, I suddenly got reincarnated into the female lead, Selina?! “P-People looking at me and t-talking is something I hate.” Afraid and stumbling over words, “Satisfying me is your job, Selina. A woman who doesn’t even know her place is no fun.” As scenes of the female lead being endlessly tormented by the trashy male lead flashed through my mind like a lantern, I made a decision. Let’s avoid the male lead and drive away the antagonist! Goodbye, everyone! I’m leaving to cast off my destiny and find happiness..