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Read I’m Being Raised by Villains manga Raised by Villains / 악당들에게 키워지는 중입니다 I thought I was an illegitimate child… but it turns out that I was a complete stranger?! A year after transmigrating as an extra, I found out that I was on the verge of being kicked out. I said I’d rather leave the house on my own. “Actually, this child is my daughter. Right, daughter?” Did I catch the attention of the psychopathic duke? ‘I heard that the money he gave after playing with someone was enough to buy an island?’ I got along with him as his daughter because I thought I could get his fortune later on. And a few months later, I would leave his house with a thick bank account. “Stay by my side until I tell you to leave.” However, my dad, who regarded me as a toy, came looking for me and held me back. *** After returning home due to dad’s persuasion, the family and my dad fought to adopt me. My uncles and aunts gathered to protect me, and future psychos began to have strange obsessions over me. “Happy Birthday, Ayrin. You’re the head as of today.” On top of that, the duke’s position was my birthday present. Everything is going just as I expected. [Hey, how long are you going to sleep? Grandma told you to take your retainer off!] [Cha Miso, you’re going to die!] What is that voice? Will I be okay like this?.