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Read manhwa Into the thrill on Mangazik. Haewon, a violinist who has no interest in others and lives an unmotivated life. In his daily life, he practices violin for a fixed amount of time every day and gets into casual relationships. However, one day, while living his languid routine life, he learns about his friend Taeshin’s suicide. “Hey, Haewon, I spoke to him for the first time today.” Taeshin’s been persistent in calling me. Haewon didn’t give it much attention because he didn’t think this time around was any different from Taeshin’s typical unrequited love tale. But Taeshin passed away that day. And at Taeshin’s funeral, he ran into Woojin, who was the person Taeshin had a crush on. Haewon was inevitably entangled with Woojin….