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Iraine’s Circumstances manga read online on Elaine’s Unique Situation / Elaine’s Circumstances / 이레인의 사정 Iraine , who lived a modest life as a maid in a village dormitory, Seizing the golden opportunity, she gets a job as a prosperous imperial court servant. At that time, when I thought that my life was blooming while being recognized for my abilities by the princess, Coincidentally, she runs into a man with a bad mouth in the Imperial Palace garden. “Do you have any strange hobbies? Bleeding from my feet.” Unlike his harsh words, he is a handsome man with black hair that exudes a sweet and noble scent of forget-me-not. Iraine falls in love with the man she met… Is it okay if I give you that heart? * * * “Then what is your name?” “Yes Yes?” “What kind of person are you? What’s your name, you?” Iraine’s face was completely drained of blood. Even though she couldn’t make an excuse, she wiggled her fingers as if to ask why. “Why are you asking my name? yo. this…” As if Theo had heard a funny story, he burst out laughing. It had been a long time since someone’s laughter felt so frightening. “hey.” “Yes Yes?” Iraine backed off at Theo’s action as he took a step closer to me. Theo did not yield to her and leaned his upper body further. “Do you think it would be difficult for me to find out your name?”.


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