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Love Logic manga read online on Mangastic! Bad luck? Fate? That’s never been in the cards for mathematics genius Kang Heeseo. What he trusts are cold hard facts, based on only physics and probability. But his whole world goes toppling down when he’s faced with one Doh Hanbyeol from the popular idol group Illogic. Heeseo finds truth and beauty in Hanbyeol’s beautiful face, and there’s no stopping him from going to the Illogic concert. But then Heeseo fails to get tickets, and the student he’s tutoring, Nam Gunwoo, doesn’t even get into university… And the day after their drunken night of despair, Heeseo wakes up to find none other than Hanbyeol in Gunwoo’s living room. There’s something going on here, and it’s definitely suspicious… 러브로직.