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Marriage B manga read online on “You killed Melissie!” If you had let me go, that woman would have been alive! Koyo Rubiet married her beloved childhood friend Terio Alte. However, Terio’s heart is captured by Koyo’s younger sister, Melissie. Soon after, her entire family was exterminated by Marquis Ancy Betelgeuse. And Melissie, who had a political marriage with him, also died. Terio poured all his resentment onto Koyo. And Goyo, who couldn’t endure it, gave up her life. When she opened her eyes, she returned seven years in the past. Instead of Melissie, she chooses to marry Ancy Betelgeuse. ‘I no longer have any hope. If I’m destined to die anyway, I’ll choose a fixed tragedy.’ However, this man… Why is he being this sweet? If that’s the case, I’d rather… ‘I hope your sweet facade lasts long. Until the day you take my life.’ A ‘Plan B’ married life that she doesn’t believe would have a happy ending. <Marriage B>.