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Merry Marbling manga – Merry Marbling manhua Ian is seemingly the perfect student – kind, trustworthy, and handsome to boot, he became known as “the Angel of Christmas” thanks to an innocent act of kindness from when he was a child. So when Yugun returns to school after an extended sick leave, no one is surprised when Ian is there to help him get through the day. Thanks to Ian’s cherubic persona, Yugun thinks he can trust him – that is, until he overhears a conversation between the boy and his mother that reveals it was all a plan to maintain Ian’s image. Incensed at the betrayal, Yugun confronts Ian and threatens to reveal his true colors to everyone. However, Ian’s unexpected response confuses Yugun even more: “Go ahead. But whatever happens after is not my responsibility.” After all, who could hate the supposed “Angel of Christmas?” Will the two remain like oil and water? Or will they learn to blend together to create something more beautiful than either of them could have ever imagined? 메리 마블링 / 云石般的我们.