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More! Intimate Connection manga More, More, More! Intimately Acquainted / 더더더! 찐하게 아는 사이 “My current boyfriend and I do it every time we’re together!” “What? You? Who is he? Tell me his name!” “It’s Cha Jihyuk! I’m dating Jihyuk Sunbae!” We’ve only ever exchanged greetings before, but our relationship changed with a lie I blurted out in response to my ex-boyfriend’s mockery. “Were you being sincere earlier? You won’t save yourself anymore?” “Can one’s values change in just a day or two? Men are just so ridiculous, huh? Why does that matter, anyway?!” “It matters. It’s not wrong to want to do it with the girl you like.” I did love my boyfriend, but I thought physical intimacy was separate from love. However… “You did like him in a romantic way, right? So why is that the case? It’s instinctive, you know.” The moment he approached me, my heart started pounding like crazy. “Did I make your heart flutter? If so, you’re normal.” We thought we would never meet again or have any involvement, but we had a miraculous reunion a year later! “Hello. I’m the new member of the planning team. I’m Ham Sooyeon.” “Right. I’m your Team Leader, Cha Jihyuk.” An unexpected meeting and opportunity. Could I have a more intimate connection with him this time?.