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My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox manga read online on Mangastic! Daewoong wishes to be an actor but faces opposition from his grandfather. He goes to Cheonbosa Temple where his deceased parents are enshrined, and there, he meets a gumiho sealed in a painting by the grandmother samshin for 500 years. Astounded, Daewoong runs away and falls off a cliff, then the gumiho saves him by giving him her fox bead. Thanks to the fox bead, Daewoong comes back to life. At first, he avoids the gumiho, but it is hard to turn away from her who is pure, honest, and his lifesaver. So he decides to move into his friend’s rooftop house with the gumiho but faces various difficult situations due to her honest personality. Will the gumiho be able to adjust to the human world? My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.