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Read manhwa Return Of Top Class Master on Mangazik. The star admired by all the strong, the top-class master of Haons, ‘Ray.’ Ray, on the verge of the final gateway to becoming a god, is betrayed and killed by the boss master ‘Anus.’ Regressing to the time when he was ‘the ultimate loser Kang Tae-wook,’ trampled by the bullies and unable to protect his fiancée… Kang Tae-wook, who once was the biggest loser, takes up the sword of revenge against those who ignored and betrayed him in the past, facing the things he couldn’t achieve in his past. However, there was a reason he had to live through that miserable past. As Kang Tae-wook dives into the depths of a conspiracy that only deepens as he uncovers it, his second life, soaked in blood, begins anew!.