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Someone Like You manga read online on! Doppelganger (Kie) / Pale Blue Eyes / 닮은 사람 When tragedy strikes and tears young Shinwoo’s family apart, the charming Han swoops in like a prince and saves the timid boy with his kindness. So it comes as a huge shock to Shinwoo when his new friend and crush suddenly ghosts him after graduation. Initially, Shinwoo just thinks that Han got tired of him due to his fickle ways. But when the two reunite as adults, it turns out that Han has strangely little memory of their time together. As he slowly recalls their past, however, Han realizes that the quiet boy left a surprisingly deep impact on him in all sorts of unexpected ways. And because Shinwoo is very much his type, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to win him over. There’s just one unanswered mystery lingering in the air between them: why exactly did Han forget about Shinwoo in the first place?.