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I transmigrated into a R19 tragedy, girl-boss novel where the female lead, Little Red Riding Hood, hunts wolves. The only problem is that the wolf she hunts is… my younger brother! In the midst of hiding deep in the forest with my brother, working on my plan to escape to the human world, I suddenly found a girl collapsed on the ground. As I couldn’t ignore this wounded child, I took her in and nursed her. However, the child… turns out to be that Little Red Riding Hood?! After treating her, I was determined to send her back home but, “What’s your ideal type? You like tall guys with broad shoulders, right?” Why is she looking at me so strangely? And am I mistaken that every time I talk about my ideal type, her eyes start to sparkle? “My brother is super handsome, you know?” Why do you keep talking about your brother?! I… have to quickly run away with my younger brother….