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Read manhwa The Lost Stiletto Affair on Mangazik. After her ex-boyfriend dumps her to marry the boss’s daughter, Cha Eunseo swears off love and gets a job at a rival company for a fresh start. But her plan goes awry when she has a one-night stand with her new sexy CEO, Lee Wonwoo! Eunseo runs from the hotel, leaving behind a heel that Wonwoo uses to find her. She wants nothing to do with him, but his interest in her only grows. With such a fervent suitor, can Eunseo stay away from love? Or can Wonwoo bring her the happy ending she wanted? Bây Giờ, Anh Là Tình Yêu Của Em / I’m in Love (INO) / 初体験なので、俺の責任取ってください / 爱情,进行时 / 사랑, 하고 있어.