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There’s No Use Hanging On manga It’s Useless to Hang On / It’s No Use Hanging On / 매달려도 소용없어 Kaira willingly risked her life to make her beloved Prince Reagan emperor. But when the man she sacrificed it all for crowns her cousin as empress instead of her, she loses the will to live. It’s only when she’s finally succumbed to a lethal dose of poison that she’s met with the tears of a heartbroken Prince Faylon, and she realizes her love was wasted on the wrong person. Vowing to exact revenge if ever given the chance, Kaira is thrust back in time to right the wrongs committed against her and reclaim the title that is rightfully hers. As she joins hands with Prince Faylon and sets out to punish those who conspired against her, she’ll discover a world she once took for granted and seek to correct the course of her fate..