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Trash of the Count’s Family The next moment I opened my eyes, I realised that I was transmigrated into a novel. This novel was called “The birth of a hero” and it described the adventure of the main character of this story – Choi Han, who was also a highschool boy being transmigrated from Eath into this strange dimension. Along with him, it also talked about the birth of many other heroes in this continent. My identity in this world is the son of the Coun’t family from the first village that Choi Han – the main character visited. This point is also an important point of the story since Choi Han became different after this villagw was killed by a group of assassins. Originally in the novel, this son of the Count’s family didn’t even know about the things that had happened to the village and continued messing around Choi Han, only to be beaten up. But since I had already been here, I’m going to make this life worth living..